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My Hands Smell Like Pine Trees- Sarb [entries|friends|calendar]
we <3 $arb

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[Tuesday + July 11th + 2006
@ 8:05pm]

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cone one, come all [Tuesday + December 13th + 2005
@ 3:23pm]

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picture update [Sunday + November 6th + 2005
@ 3:15pm]

metal up your ass!!!Collapse )

xo, colin
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sarbs sweet seventeen [Tuesday + August 16th + 2005
@ 2:41pm]

[ mood | busy ]

SARBS birthday was yesterday and hes finnaley 17, hooray!


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SarbSpace [Friday + August 12th + 2005
@ 1:17pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

sarb@myspace - http://groups.myspace.com/SarbLovers

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[Sunday + July 31st + 2005
@ 3:33pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Breaking news!! Sarb is DEAD!!

earlier today a younger sarb broke onto the old set from back to the future after raiding his parents liqour cabinet, and decided to steal the time traveling dolorian. when he went to visit his future self he was so pissed off that he had become such an unmetal creed fan, he ran over the future sarbw/the dolorian.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

RIP Sarb

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Sarb totally blew my cock tonight [Friday + July 29th + 2005
@ 3:42am]

so sarb and colin came over, and i found out that sarb is not really the god of metal. he likes creed. creed sucks. i'm really disappointed in Sarb. What happened to you Sarb? you used to be cool. i dunno if i can even give him reach arounds anymore, i think i'm just gonna do my business and leave from now on.
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'heavy metal' [Tuesday + July 19th + 2005
@ 4:22am]

[ mood | sleepy ]



From Go-Quiz.com
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METAL/RAP FREESTYLE [Saturday + July 16th + 2005
@ 12:33am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

(BURT)laced up pist off i just got back in my car 21 or 12 i aint gonna get no scars i pull up wit the truck and out I sprint out to buck on that lil fuck with that ugly face i put him in a daze then lay him out, that little bitch ass punk all he fukkin do is pout, now that i got him on the floor ill hit him till he breathes no more, and its all METAL cuz I stabbed him with a pedal thas all yizeerd(SARB) and then ill stomp that little cunt ass bitch to get my anger out and then ill let my dick hang sout in his face an his mouth cuz im just that hard mi name is sarb and ill fuck u in the street or in your car!!!!!GANGSTA/METAL

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us in feb of 05' [Monday + July 11th + 2005
@ 2:21am]

[ mood | tired ]

QUEERSCollapse )

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[Tuesday + June 28th + 2005
@ 1:48am]

i was just informed about sarbs history. a long long time ago, most likely 16 or 17 years, i dont know how old the kid is, there was 2 people that were in love. it was forbidden love because they were both huge black guys but they didnt care, they went against what everyone said and had a baby. they named him jeff or mike or tim or whatever the hell this kids name is. sarb was very happy of his 2 dads and they wanted him to be just like them so they found the goofiest looking kid around and made sarb his friend. the goofy kid is also known as colin. sarbs parents taught him and colin all the tricks they knew and hoped in the future they would make a wonderful baby too. then they both went to jail for giving beer to colin and sarb(you should have guessed that, nobody just grows up to look that weird). nothing too exciting happend in sarbs life for a while. then one day sarb discovered heavy metal, it might have been introduced to him by that kevin kid or maybe he was trying to look at a porn site and found a dimebag pic that looked more interesting. who cares. he likes the music. anyway a few years pass and sarb finally gets a girlfriend, that didnt work out dont worry, he is way to good for her. anyway, sarb is still living today and will live forever in all of our hearts, until we all die, then hes dead for sure but thats a long time away. in the words of one of sarbs favorite musicians of all times, kelly clarkson "sarb is gay"
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[Friday + June 17th + 2005
@ 2:59am]

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sarb4u [Thursday + June 2nd + 2005
@ 2:26pm]

sarb checkin out his own community, INSANE!Collapse )
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boob [Friday + May 27th + 2005
@ 9:21pm]

i gave sarb aids

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nigga's and ho's [Friday + May 20th + 2005
@ 3:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

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story time [Thursday + May 12th + 2005
@ 8:55pm]

[ mood | Metal! ]

Sarb IS a badass..one time me and him got into a scuffle outside a bar in Reno. The dude fuckin pulls out a butterfly knive and stabs me in the eye with it...then he ripped off my ball-skin and made an old lady eat it. Then...he rips a phone book in half with his pecs. I was like "oh shit, this kid's untouchable!" oh yea...then afterthat he fuckin' played a mean solo over my bloody trembling body. Shit was so metal.- "ed"

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"fob blows ass chunks!"-sarb [Wednesday + May 4th + 2005
@ 12:58pm]

so i was talkin to Image hosted by Photobucket.com the other day, and he said the new fall out boy cd came out and it SUCKED

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


also check out the new layout sarb_lovers
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lol [Tuesday + April 26th + 2005
@ 10:40am]

[ mood | bored ]

What kind of disease are you?


Sarb is caused by alien mind control rays.

Sarb disease forces one to obsessively call self on phone.
To cure Sarb, write bad goth poetry.

that made me giggle
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new layout [Saturday + April 16th + 2005
@ 2:08am]

[ mood | tired ]

new layout
check it out guys!

love, colin

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LOL! [Monday + April 4th + 2005
@ 1:36pm]

Are you hott? by evildj23
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